Cosmetic Dentistry at VaraniSmile in Turlock, CA


Recognize the Value of Your Smile

What is the first thing that people note in your personality? It is your smile! According to a survey two thirds of Americans believe a person with a good smile is more likely to be hired for a job. Socially, a beautiful smile enhances your social appeal, and raises your self-confidence.  People who do not have a good smile for any reason, feel handicapped socially, and tend to lose self-esteem. VaraniSmile of Turlock, California has good news for such people. If you are among those who think their smile can stand an enhancement, just call us without a moment’s delay and we will give you a smile that you had always dreamed.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services Offered at VaraniSmile

Starting with the simplest of procedures like teeth whitening our experts can do all cosmetic dentistry operations including implants and full mouth restorations. In short, VaraniSmile is a complete oral care center for the residents of Turlock, California. Here are some of the services VaraniSmile regularly provides its esteemed clients under one roof.

Teeth Whitening and Bleaching – With time teeth get discolored and stained from food, drinks, medication, and personal habits like smoking, drinking, etc. But do not worry. VaraniSmile has all the options for whitening your smile. We will not only whiten your teeth through in house whitening, but before that; we will rid your teeth of all plaque, tartar, other debris that may have accumulated   The end result is a whiter brighter smile you will be excited to share with others.

Dental Veneers –You can go for the beautiful porcelain or composite veneers. Veneers are thin wafers or shells made of resin composites or porcelain (porcelain laminates), custom made for your teeth. Veneers are made specially selected to have colors matching the shade of your teeth. They are attached to front surfaces of your teeth and do an excellent job of hiding any discoloration and many other defects of teeth.

  • The Beauty of Porcelain Veneers – Porcelain veneers have light reflection properties close to that of your natural teeth, and hence, they appear very natural. Porcelain veneers also resist stains much better than resin composites. In addition to covering discoloration and stains, veneers will also cover:
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Badly shaped teeth
  • Teeth with gaps


  • Getting Veneers at VaraniSmile – Getting veneers at VaraniSmile is simple. You will discuss with Dr. Varani (D.D.S, FICOI) regarding your cosmetic needs, and he will offer veneers if you are a suitable candidate. Once that is finalized, your teeth are prepared to receive veneers.
  • How are Veneers Prepared at VaraniSmile – Preparation of veneers involves trimming of a very thin layer of enamel from your teeth to allow for the thickness of the veneers. (Porcelain veneers, because of their strength, can be much thinner than composite veneers). Dr. Varani will then take impressions of your teeth, which will be sent to the to the lab along with your choice of material and color. The veneers are then bonded to the prepared teeth after they are received from the lab. Veneers give you excellent smile, hiding many defects like discoloration, stains, chipping, etc. Veneers generally last between 7 and 15 years.


Porcelain Crowns – Veneers may not be a good choice for individuals who have teeth cavities or active gum diseases. Patients who tend to clench and grind their teeth are also not good candidates for porcelain veneers, because these actions can make the veneers crack or chip. VaraniSmile offers a superior solution for these people in the form of porcelain crowns. Crowns are thin caps which cover the entire part of the tooth above the gum line. Thus, apart from their aesthetic value, crowns also provide strength to the teeth they cover. The procedure for getting crowns is like  that for veneers, except that the entire visible portion of the tooth’s structure is prepared before taking the molds.

Esthetic Bonding – Bonding is also an alternative to veneers, but more economical. Bonding can be an excellent option where greater reshaping is required than veneers can handle. Bonding involves adding tooth colored material where required. Of course, excess material can always be (sculpted) trimmed away wherever necessary. Bonding is done using special resin composites which can be made to match your teeth perfectly.

Dental Implants

 Should none of the above options satisfy your high level of aesthetics, VaraniSmile has the leading-edge solution for you in the form of very natural looking teeth on implants. These teeth not only look natural, but also function as naturally, without any of the handicaps associated with other esthetic or functional solutions. You can replace a single tooth, a few teeth or have a full mouth reconstruction (FMR), a very popular procedure at VaraniSmile.

  • A Lifetime of a Beautiful Smiles with Dental Implants – Implants are virtually for a lifetime, with success rate close to 98%. The strength and longevity of the implants is because of a special property of titanium, of which implants are made. Implants are screwed into the jawbone, and in a matter of four to six months, bone cells grow into the implant. This natural bond between the bone and metal provides an almost natural root on which are placed very good-looking teeth with aesthetics far surpassing any other options.
  • Getting Dental Implants at VaraniSmile – Getting implants at VaraniSmile is always a pleasant experience. You come in, and our implant specialist examines to make sure implants are best solution for you. For this he or she will make thorough checks on your oral and general health and discuss with you desires and financial options in detail. Once the plan is finalized, our well-trained and polite staff will guide you all the way through.

Bottom Line

At VaraniSmile, we want to bring smiles to the faces of all our patients. If you have any need for cosmetic or general dentistry and happen to be in the vicinity of Turlock, California, waste not a moment. Visit us today or call for an appointment. We would love to see you at our office.