It wasn’t all that long ago when people would just have to put up with the color of their teeth. Whether they had coffee, tobacco or other types of stains, a person would just have to live with it. Enter the new age of technology where teeth whitening is available to all and just about anyone with their natural teeth can enjoy the confidence of a brand-new smile with whiter teeth.

Your dentist will let you know whether you are a good candidate for in-house teeth whitening once he has examined your mouth. Whitening does not work on fillings, crowns, veneers or caps and is not effective on teeth that have been discolored by trauma or medications.

There are a lot of options when it comes to teeth whitening and you’ve probably seen many commercials while watching TV. There are whitening methods that can be used at home and professional teeth whitening procedures that can only be found in a dentist’s office. While you will have to pay more to visit your dentist for a teeth whitening session, many people are more than willing to pay this extra amount to actually see the visible results that they are looking for.

Your smile is valuable and should be treated that way. If your smile shows discolored teeth, you’ll often try to hide it. Whiter teeth can give a person an instant confidence boost and the ability to smile freely in any type of social or business setting. The benefits of getting your teeth whitened are almost endless and the new procedures available provide visible results that you can see and experience right away.

The home whitening products include rinses, toothpastes, trays, gel strips, pens and more. While you may see some results by using these products, many people are disappointed with the limited outcomes. These off-the-shelf products simply aren’t as strong as the whitening products that are used in a dental office.

A tooth can have different types of stains. Intrinsic stains are located inside the dentin and the micro cracks in a tooth’s enamel. Extrinsic stains are found right on the tooth’s surface. Over-the-counter whiteners can help with these extrinsic stains but if you find that the products just aren’t getting the job done it’s time to go to your dentist for a deeper whitening that can attack the intrinsic stains.

When you visit your dentist he will place bleaching solution into a custom-made tray, which fits securely over your teeth. He will be supervising the treatment and for that reason the bleaching solution is stronger than what you would find in a home kit. The tray will fit snugly so that none of the whitener can leak out. With home products, the whitening trays often don’t fit properly and the whitening gel may leak out. As a result, the treatment is less effective and severe gum irritation may occur. When done properly in a dentist supervised environment, however, even patients that have extremely sensitive teeth may reap all the benefits of this procedure.

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