If you’ve broken a tooth or it has simply been wearing away over the years due to decay, you may need to get a crown to cover it or may have to get it pulled and have a bridge added. Crowns and bridges are fixed devices that a dentist cements onto your existing teeth. Both are long-term dental solutions that have proven to be extremely successful on a variety of patients.


Crowns help to rebuild the tooth that has been broken or one that would require an extremely large filling. The crown sits on the part of the tooth that is remaining and it looks just like a natural tooth. It is strong and has the same contour, shape and color as the real tooth below it.

When you first visit the dentist he will take an impression of the teeth and then fit a temporary crown onto the tooth while you’re waiting for the permanent one to be made. Porcelain is layered over a gold or metal base and made to fit perfectly over the existing tooth. Once this permanent, custom-made crown arise at your dentist’s office he will remove the temporary one and replace it with the new crown. This crown acts as a protective covering and is extremely strong. You can eat the foods you want with a crown and expected it to last for years to come.


When you’re missing a tooth a bridge can be used to span the gap that is left behind. This is made of ceramic and it is placed between 2 teeth that act as anchors on either side of the gap. Crowns are placed on these 2 anchor teeth and the bridge is securely bonded to them. The artificial tooth that is replacing the extracted tooth, along with the 2 crowns, will be perfectly matched to the shape and color of your existing teeth. This bridge will be extremely strong and with proper regular dental examinations and good oral hygiene practices you can expect your new bridge to last for a number of years.

There are different types of bridges including a traditional bridge, which is used when there are 2 healthy teeth available to support the bridge and implant bridges, which are used when 1 or 2 healthy teeth aren’t available. One implant or 2 may be inserted and the bridge is anchored to these implants. A Maryland bridge, which is also commonly called a resin-bonded bridge, is generally used when a patient is missing teeth in the front. Artificial teeth are first fused to bands made of metal, which are cemented to the back side of the remaining natural teeth in the front.

Both bridges and crowns can last for years and years when cared for properly. They can both be considered as viable solutions for missing, broken or severely decayed teeth.

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