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Ultratooth services offered in Turlock CA

Thanks to Ultratooth® dental implants, it’s possible to replace missing permanent teeth in a single appointment. Instead of waiting for the implant to fuse with your natural bone, it’s possible to bite and chew right away. At VaraniSmile, general dentist Antoine Varani, DDS, is the only provider in the Central Valley trained in Ultratooth implant placement and restoration. To make an appointment at the practice in Turlock, California, call the office today or book online.

Ultratooth Q & A

What are Ultratooth implants?

Ultratooth implants are immediate load dental implants manufactured by Biodent®. The term immediate load means they integrate with your bone right away, reducing the risk of complications while speeding up your recovery process.

Traditionally, getting dental implants took at least three visits over several months. Ultratooth implants, on the other hand, can restore your smile in one day. 

Who can benefit from Ultratooth implants?

If you’ve lost one or multiple permanent teeth due to oral trauma, cavities, or gum disease, you can benefit from Ultratooth implants. UltraTooth can also replace a tooth that requires extraction. After removing a tooth, your VaraniSmile provider can immediately replace it with an Ultratooth implant.

What are the benefits of Ultratooth implants?

Ultratooth implants restore your smile and reduce the risk of potentially serious issues like gum recession, bone loss, or shifting teeth. They also:

  • Provide immediate results
  • Require no recovery time
  • Make biting and chewing easier
  • Improve your oral health

Replacing missing teeth with Ultratooth implants can even make you appear younger. That’s because dental implants (like dentures) prevent the skin around your mouth from wrinkling and sagging.

What does Ultratooth implant placement involve?

At VaraniSmile, Ultratooth implant placement is an outpatient procedure that usually takes less than an hour.

Before placing the implants, your provider conducts an oral exam and takes X-rays to guide treatment. Afterward, they administer a local anesthetic and carefully insert the Ultratooth implants into your jaw. The number of implants you receive depends on how many teeth are missing and the type of restoration used.

Ultratooth implants are revolutionary. Their shape integrates them with your bone immediately, allowing you to bite, chew, and speak confidently.

What is recovery like after getting Ultratooth implants?

After you get Ultratooth implants, you can return to work, school, or other activities right away. There’s no downtime or risk of discomfort. Your gums might feel more sensitive than usual for a day or two, but over-the-counter pain medication can provide relief.

To learn more about the benefits of Ultratooth dental implants, make an appointment at VaraniSmile today by calling the office or clicking the online scheduler.